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AdiArte/OPENSPACE inaugurates the online specials of the artwork URBS PICTA by LUCIA MARAGNO
Texts and digital version by Beppe Simonetti

Lucia Maragno lives in Padua, a UNESCO heritage city for its thirteenth-century frescoes. Dozens of times, she has guided her guests on visits to the masterpieces, explaining their history, recalling their histories, styles, and their unique and unrepeatable characteristics.
A history for every painter, a history for every place.
Slowly she identified with them, introjecting their essence. Thus, at a certain moment –magical - from her mind and her heart, the artistic energy necessary to create a work that, preserving in itself all the classical culture, interprets its "history" with contemporary gestures and languages.

In the actual features of the work, the panels are leafed through by hand by the visitor, as if to spur them to actively enter into the history itself, while in the digital version it is the animation that facilitates the visual pace of the history itself..

Beppe Simonetti

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